About Us

Hello! Welcome to our website. Our site features content for readers, who are interested in in-depth knowledge of topics in many fields like general health, diet & fitness, beauty & style, dating & relationships, entertainment, and lifestyle. We would like to give you some general information about us.

How We Started

Review Daddy was started by Hanish Arora, a gentleman who wants to create a new environment for readers and help them have a better understanding and knowledge in all the different types of areas in which we write blogs on our website. He found a brand new way that can help new readers discover their love for reading, and provide in-depth knowledge to skilled readers. Over years, he has been leading a team of extremely creative and passionate co-workers, who always enjoy working towards success and self-improvement.

It is not just about blogs, at review daddy we also promote various virtual learning methods such as videos, audiobooks, e-books, etc.

About Review Daddy

Review Daddy has its roots in India. It is flourishing real fast and real well all over the globe. Review Daddy might have begun from a humble point, but it has developed into a website with an international presence and effect. The viewers of our site show us an incredible response. We see the numbers increase day by day and there is no sign of it falling down.

We believe in making our content as diverse and as useful as it can be for our readers and viewers. Whether you want to take tips on health, education, finance, lifestyle, or dating, we’ve got it all for you just here at Review daddy [dot] com.

Reviewdaddy [dot] com’s biggest goal is to become the source of interesting and effective knowledge for readers worldwide. We also spend a huge amount of time in making the site faster, sleeker, simpler-to-use, and a user-friendly site. One of the most important things for us is to get feedback from our readers. What our site viewers feel about us matters the most, for it makes us who we are. So, please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts about the site and its content. Thanks for your suggestions.