Are You Addicted to Online Shopping?

Here are 15 tell-tale signs that tell you about your addiction to online shopping-

  1. Your computer is always on with a tab open of shopping cart which is always loaded with goodies. The only things you aren’t sure about yet is whether or not you actually need all of it. Your hands itch to click on the Buy Now button!
  2. You visit the web regularly browsing for new and trending fashion and what good is available on sale. Not one single retailer you choose to pass without browsing the sites inside out. You have been so much into this that you know it quite well that promotion and new item announcements change almost every hour.
  3. Your inbox is often flooded with promotional mails rather than work or personal emails. And all the mail setting have been set to “always display images” mode.
  4. You can’t hold your excitement as soon as you are notified of an email from a store announcing a sale. 30% off on all items is quite a bargain, eh?
  5. You can’t hold yourself from secretly checking out goodies online while at work. The websites that you need to visit are always flooded with promotional ads of the online stores that you have recently surfed. Banger!
  6. You know your courier guy by his name. The courier guy has visited you so many times to deliver your goods that you now know almost every single detail about him. You are fond of him because he informs you about which of the stores have free returns and shipping, and you definitely take advantage.
  7. You are often surprised with mail packages that you almost forgot you ordered. Your roommate has to hand you over the third package delivered within a week with a sigh, and things get a little embarrassing.
  8. You took a day off or worked from home just to make sure you are present to sign for the consignment that you ordered last week. Taking delivery in the office is not a good idea. This is the third consignment during the week and you already face raised eyebrows from your colleagues. Moreover, you just can’t wait to try the new merchandise out.
  9. Your trash can is perpetually overflowing with large cardboard boxes from the regular shipments that arrive at your door every other day. Ever considered construction a cardboard board box fort?
  10. You smartphone has more shopping apps than other apps combined. You always keep browsing from the app while on the go just to make sure you don’t miss out on anything special.
  11. Shopping in actual stores doesn’t appear to be a good idea to you anymore. So, when you friend asks about going for shopping, you simply retort back with the lazy answer that you can get the things ordered online.
  12. It leaves you real disgusted and disappointed when the consignment that has been shipped to you isn’t what you have been expecting. The thought of waiting for whole two to three days for returning and waiting for the apposite delivery makes your stomach churn. How could they be so careless?!
  13. You often face the misery of accidently buying the same thing twice. This happens to those who shop on 10 different sites at the same time- a very common situation.
  14. You feel disgusted and often burn with rage when you realize that the item you so wanted is but sold out. These stores should have unlimited amounts of items of every size and color, you try to reason.

So, finally you realize that the items in your shopping cart that has been on hold for a whole three days are actually needed. With a content smile on your face you click the Buy Now button. Peace for you in the end!

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