Brother XR9500PRW

Brother XR9500PRWThe XR9500PRW from Brother is a limited edition sewing machine model from Brother International Corporation with some great features to bag away. It is the ideal machine for embroidering virtually anything- from creating apparels to crafting home décor, and of course, making some great quilts! This feature rich machine includes attributes such as 100 unique built-in utility stitches with 140 stitch functions for decoration and heirloom, along with other prominent features such a 55 alphanumeric stitches for lettering or basic monogramming, 8 styles of 1-step auto size buttonholes, and an oversized table for larger projects like quilting. Becoming a sewing trendsetter has never been easier, all thanks to the Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition!

Backlit LCD Screen for more precision

The Brother XR9500PRW Limited Edition includes a backlit LCD screen which enables computerized stitch selection. With so many stitches and stitch functions, it may get fussy for you to select the most apposite stitch to carry on with your sewing. This is where the functionality of backlit LCD screen can be eulogized which makes your sewing more precise than ever.

Drop-in Bobbin with Automatic Winding

Another noteworthy feature probably is the Drop-in Bobbin function with Automatic Winding. As we all know, winding a bobbin could be a nerve-wrecking task especially if done for the first time. The XR9500PRW takes care of this hassle by providing the automatic winding feature- all you have to do is to push the bobbin to the right with the thread and bobbin at their respective places- and viola! Your bobbin is wound!

Features and Specifications

  • 100 built-in stitches
  • 7mm super wide zigzag stitches
  • 55 alphanumeric and monogramming stitches
  • Built-in sewing front
  • Oversized wide table for larger projects
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Drop-in Bobbin with Automatic Winding

Customer Feedback and Scores

Rated at 4.6 out of 5 at the Amazon store by as many as 795 customers with reviews from 405 verified customers, the XR9500PRW which is available for an amazingly revised price of 189.97 only, seems to be a good catch. Not all machines enjoy such popularity!

While going through the customer reviews, we have come across some negative aspects about the product. A few of the customers seem to have been having trouble with the tension. If worked on heavy objects such as denims, the machine eventually seems to lose its tension making the stitches go lose. Moreover, the machine has been designed to work with 120V AC current only. In countries like India where AC current is 220V, this machine is rendered useless. Whatsoever, this sewing machine has been eulogized and recommended as a great piece of work, nevertheless, as it proffers more than what can be expected.

Reviewing the machine and going through the customer feedback, we can conclude that the XR9500PRW from Brother is a great sewing machine. This limited edition model is good for those with flair to sew, as well as for those who have just started sewing. The final verdict about this machine is nothing less than a total go for!

Brother XR9500PRW

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