Champion 75531i

The Champion 75531i is a quiet, lightweight and portable generator that provides clean and quiet power for campsites, RV’s, cabins and other remote locations. The generator runs on 2800 Watts rated power and deliver a maximum output power of 3100 Watts which is powerful enough to start a 15,000 btu air conditioner. Inverter Technology provides clean power (safe for sensitive electronics) and variable speed engine to reduce noise, conserve fuel and lengthen the life of the engine. The Champion 75531i is lightweight, weighing only 80 lbs and includes integrated wheels and stow away handle. Powered by Champion 171cc OHV engine designed specifically for the 3100 Watt inverter generator, the Champion 75531i will run 8 hours on a full tank of gas at 25% load. This model is EPA/CARB approved for sale in 50 states in America.

Low Oil Sensor

The Low Oil Sensor feature built on smart technology warns you when the generator is running low on fuel, thereby saving you from the guesswork or continuously checking on the fuel level like was the case in yesteryears.

Economy Mode Switch

The Economy Mode Switch has been installed to make the generator a fuel saver. It automatically lowers the electrical load and saves fuel and engine wear when idle.

Features and Specifications

  • Quiet – Only 58 Dba,
  • Great for campsites, Raving, cabins and more
  • Lightweight – Only 80 lbs.
  • Built in wheels and fold away handle
  • Inverter Technology – Economy Mode – Engine automatically idles lower when electrical load reduced, saving fuel and engine wear
  • Operates for 8 hours on full tank of gas at 25% load
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Customer Scores and Reviews

The Champion 75531i enjoys a feedback score of 4.5 out of 5 at the Amazon online store. This feedback has been provided by as many as 76 customers depending on their evaluation of the same.

However, while going through the customer reviews, we have come across a couple of major set backs about this machine. Some of the units simply won’t work after a few times of use. Faulty units are a major issue about this product (though they get replaced at request). Also, the engine stalls when attempting to power up a 14 amp B-Air 2HP blower. Other than these, the generator delivers some great services as promised.

At a price range of 847 dollars, the machine provides all that it is designed for. The few flaws it has can be corrected at the minimum possible expanse and effort. For a portable generator, the Champion 75531i outshines others of its kind will the plethora of features it has to offer. Our personal feedback score about this machine would be 4.5+.

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