Cordless Drills

The first thing that people love about the cordless drill is that by using it you can easily get rid of the inconvenience of dragging cords from one place to the other. Now days, cordless drills have become the most favorite tool for repairmen and home improvers.

So, to help you choose the best cordless drill from the market here is our easy to follow buying guide and reviews on top 5 best 18V-20V cordless drills in the market.

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Cordless drills are highly helpful tools for both drilling a whole in your wall and to do bulk home improvement work. As cordless drills are the improved version of old corded drills there are things that you should check out before choosing a drill machine for yourself.

  1. Usage and price range

Currently there are cordless drills for both newbie, hobbyist and PRO users. If you are interested to find the best drill in the market, then you need to list out the major goals that you will be fulfilling with your cordless drill.

For example, if you are looking for a cordless drill to take care of your day to day home improvement work or you are a craftsman by hobby, then buying a cordless drill with the price range of -0 will do the job for you. But if you are looking for a lightweight machine to do professional heavy duty drilling, then going for the drills that are priced between 0 to 0 will do best for you.

  1. Technical specifications

To meet up with the growing demand corded drill manufacturers is coming up with innovative technologies. To start with, you need to buy the latest 18V lithium Ion installed drills which are known to provide the best service to its users.

While most lightweight drills run on a single rechargeable battery, but if you are into heavy duty drilling then you should go for the ones with two batteries. Besides lasting for a longer period of time, the duel ones general provides more torque and power for drilling.

  1. Usability

The first reason why people embraced cordless drills when it first arrived in the market because of its improved usability. Still today people buy a cordless drill over the corded ones as they are lighter and there are no cord to drag around. So, before taking out your credit card and swiping it to buy your first or next cordless drill online, do read the weight and size of the drill. Normally the 12Volt ones weights below 4 pounds and the 25V ones weights between 7 to 10 pounds. As lighter ones will help you to get more things done with less fatigue and stress, do choose the one that provides you the best grip and weights lighter than others.

Top 5 Cordless Drill Reviews

Currently there are more than 100 cordless drill models in the market from 20+ well renowned tool brands. Although it is a good thing to hear that there are lots of options to choose from but this also makes the task of choosing the best cordless drill harder for a newbie and intermediate users.

If you are not willing to spend numerous hours by browsing from one item to the other and are looking for the best 18v or 20V cordless drills in the market, We got your back. Here are our reviews on the 5 best cordless drills in the market.

Dewalt bare tool

Highly popular for its durability and efficient performance, the DEWALT ¼” 18 Volt cordless is what you need on your side if you are a professional builder. The Company itself is the most reputed one in the Cordless Drill market and the DC825B has continued its legacy. Here are some of the major features of Dewalt DC835B:

  • Runs with a frameless motor that extends the drills durability and life.
  • Provides 1330 Inch-Pound of torque to get your job done with perfection
  • Has a wide range of load speed from 0 to 2,400 RPM
  • Heavy duty mechanism helps to change the drill setting without any extra kickback
  • Compact ergonomicdesign that helps you to reach all tight corners
  • Light weight, user friendly design helps to get more things done with less stress
  • Variable speed trigger to ensure perfect drilling job
  • Exclusive XRP 18v battery helps you to enjoy extended battery life
  • The textured Anti-slip grip helps you to have better control and better support while drilling
  • Built in LED light to illuminate the workspace
  • Made of High quality materials that extends its durability and performance

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Hitachi DV18DBL

If you are looking for a brush less drill, which has the most advanced drilling technology built-in to it, then Hitachi DV18DBL is the one for you. The best part about this cordless drill is that it is a very lightweight lithium ion brush less drill that you will find handy for a long period of time. Here are some more feature of this advance cordless drill:

  • Built into Micro Processor with 4 way speed settings
  • A light weight hammer drill that helps you to get more job done with minimum effort
  • Perfect for building stairways, cabinets and security shutters
  • A key less chuck system to help you switch clutches faster
  • Smooth and efficient performance on all types of surfaces including wood and aluminum
  • Comes with 2 drilling sets of 0-200 RPM to be the lowest and 0-1800 to be the highest
  • Built in white LED to illuminate work space and increase efficiency
  • Trigger-on option to save battery life
  • Comes with an efficient battery charger with a built in cooling system to cool down the drills micro processor
  • Well covered plastic based grip to help the user to have more control over the tool
  • Has a lifetime tool warranty with a 2 years of battery and 1 years of charger warranty

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Bosch PS21-2A

If you are a big fan of lithium ion power tool then you’ll love Bosch PS21-2A. Current this drill is known as the most powerful tool in the market. Don’t go for the size of this tool. Although it is designed as a smallest drilling tool in the market, the power it unleashes after you press the trigger is incomparable. Here are some more features that everyone loves about the PS21-2A.

  • The most shortest head height drills that is available in the market
  • Perfect for both Overhead and tight area work
  • Duel speed function from 0-350RPM and 0-1,300RPM.
  • Highly reputed and best performing cordless drill in the market with 2X speed and power than competitors
  • 21 easy-to-use clutch settings for perfect torque and screw driving
  • Clear white LED light at the front to illuminate work space
  • Excellent design with high quality rubber based cover for maximum grip
  • Three years of tool protection plan with two years of batter replacement warranty.

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Black & Decker has always been a leading brand in the crafts and tools industry. From making top quality tools to provide top quality customer service, Black &Decker ensures them all. The GCO18SB-2 is not an exception. Here are some more features that you will love about the Black & Decker GCO18SB-2.

  • Battery powered Lightweight cordless drill
  • Wide range of drill power and speed setting to choose from
  • Comes fully equipped with a drill, charger, 2 inch double ended tip within a storage bag
  • Runs efficiently on 18Volt trimmer
  • Provides plenty of battery power that supports the drill for a long period of time
  • One of the few cordless drills in the market that comes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Keyless chuck feature of effortless drilling
  • 20+ clutch options to support a wide range of drilling
  • Moderate torque for day to day household and semi-professional work

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Black & Decker LDX120C

The LDX120C from Black & Decker is the ultimate icon of power and consistent drilling. This light weight cordless lithium Ion drill has been listed as one of the best 20V cordless drills in the market because if with a price range of below -, this drill gets your job done no matter what. The whole drill is beautifully covered with rubberized protection that provides more grip to its user. Some of the other features of this product include:

  • 10+ position clutches to provide all in one drilling solution
  • Advanced Lithium ion technology provides more efficient drilling solution
  • Wide range of torque and power setting increases drilling efficiency
  • 20V lithium Ion battery provides longer and more operation cycles
  • Easy, lightweight design helps users to get more things done with less stress and fatigue
  • Perfect to drill in confined and hard to reach spaces
  • Variable speed allows counter sinking function for PRO users

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