Earthquake IG800W Model 11613

The Earthquake IG800W is by far the most portable generators at the Amazon store. The product has been designed to be extremely lightweight; weighing at a meager 21 pounds.  The new Earthquake IG800W model 11613 can also be used as an inverter generator which provides fuel efficient and quiet power for recreational and household needs. The IG800W packs many features into a strong but lightweight design. The quality of the electrical output produced by this unit ensures that you can safely power sensitive electronics.

Quite Operation with Noise Suppressing

The Earthquake IG800W produces 59 dBAsound at 23 feet with 25% load. At a No load with ECON mode, the same generator produces sounds amounting to almost 56 dBA. This result ensures that the generator is relatively noiseless.

Over load Protection

The Earthquake IG800W features a Overload Protection system that gives you the liberty to charge small gadgets such as cellphones without the least bit to worry about.

Features and Specifications

  • The fuel efficient IG800W runs for hours without needing a refill, at 14 hours per gallon
  • Lightweight and easily portable, at only 21 pounds
  • Quiet operation with noise suppressing housing
  • Overload protection with instant reset circuit breaker
  • You can plug in your cell phone, your electronic tablet, or even your laptop without being concerned about damage to vital internal components

Customer Review and Scores

At 4.6 out of 5, the Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 has a good reputation at the Amazon online store. This feedback score has been provided by as many as 37 customers depending on their experience with the same. For a machine that comes for as low as 256 dollars, the score comparatively is a good one.

While evaluating the customer reviews, we have come across a few negative aspects about this product faced by the customers. Like any other machine, the machine fails to start after a few times of use. Happens with the case of most machines and can be replaced easily. Another noticeable drawback pointed out by the customers is that some units seem to come with traces of oil in it which is not supposed to be the case unless it is used one. So replacing your unit is the solution here yet again.

The Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 is a powerful piece of portable generator with a number of power packed features to its name. At $256, the generator provided more than can be expected and hence we recommend this product with a feedback score of 4.5+.

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