Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review

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There are a lot of self-help books, life coaches and gurus out there, claiming that they know the ‘secret’ to all the success, health, wealth and good relationships that one wants in life. All of them say they hold they ‘key’ which can help you unlock the secret. But there are so many hoaxes in all of this. There is only so much that these self-help books and gurus can do.

15 minute manifestation is a product which helps you to change your life in the ways you want. The creator of 15 minute manifestation, Eddie, calls the subconscious state of mind the ‘Editor’. This editor consists of three important things which guide one’s energies in life. According to Eddie, most people focus on what they don’t want rather than what they want. This is decided by the editor, and each time one tries o focus on what they want, the editor, obviously edits that information into what they don’t want.

15 minute manifestation helps you in deeply understanding the laws of nature and how are we guided by it. While making us understand how 15 minute manifestation works, Eddie has laid emphasis on the fact that we are made of the sub atomic particle which has all the good and all the bad in it. It us up to us to guide ourselves to all the good and 15 minute manifestation helps us do that.

Eddie, the creator of 15 minute manifestation was a cancer patient and could not complete his school education, could not get any college degrees. Despite all this, he cured his cancer without any chemotherapy or medical treatments. All of this might sound like a story which is too good to be true. But IT’S TRUE! The reason behind this was nothing but 15 minutes manifestation. His mother gave him a certain sub conscience awakening sound track which he would listen to every night as a bed ridden child suffering with cancer. He noticed the changes and the affects right after the first night, when he was able to get out of his bed and walk, something which was earlier very difficult for him to do.

What  is 15 minute manifestation all about?

15 minutes manifestation is a completely different way discovered by Eddie which awakens your sub conscience and fills you with all the positive energy which you need in order to achieve all that you want. It requires you 21 days to get fully acquainted with 15 minutes manifestation. You might be wondering, why 21 days? It is because it is that much of time (21 days) that our mind takes to get adjusted with new habits and new beliefs. It is a simple 15 minutes sound track you will need to listen to every night. For some, 15 minutes manifestation starts showing its effects right from the first night, whereas for others, it may take some more time. But the results are guaranteed.

How does 15 minute manifestation work?

Our brain is like a computer. 15-Minute Manifestation helps to re-frame the old, ineffective, and self-destructive “software” that is holding you back and reprogram your brain for success.

The 15 Minute Manifestation is an audio program which includes a PDF guide that you can access once you complete your payment. You can read it online or download it in the PDF format. The book can be easily read on a computer, tablet, an iPhone, iPad or a Smartphone.

Who is Eddie Sergey?

Eddie Sergey, the author of 15 minute manifestation is a person with an unbelievable life story. As a child he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in elementary school. Rather than going through a conventional chemo and radiation therapy, he reports his whole life turning around due to some sort of music which his mother got him one day. Little did he know that the sound track was much more than just music. It was a series of tones at different frequencies which are known to produce theta states in brain.

Eddie also states that this improved and more positive than ever state of his mind was something which helped him in healing. He thought it would be unfair if he kept this manifestation process to himself and did not share it with the mankind. Hence, as a result of his idea, 15 minutes manifestation was born.


Zero Side Effects

The program is completely safe. The only warning is to not use it while driving.

Understanding it is so easy!

15 minute manifestation doesn’t require you to indulge in much hard work in order to achieve desirable outcomes. In fact, you don’t have to learn anything at all! All you have to do is find a quiet spot at your home, plug on the headphones and listen to the audio CD for 15 minutes each day, that’s it.

Doesn’t take much time

You just need 15 minutes of your day to listen to the highly beneficial sound tracks. The best part is that you can listen to these sound tracks anywhere and at any time, except while driving.

Lets you free, teaches you to be limitmess

15 minute manifestation is a program which makes listeners believe in themselves, and teaches ways to remove the self-limiting factors in life.

You will learn how to use a simple pair of earphones to overcome your poor mindset and erase years of negative, limiting beliefs, in a bid to create new, uplifting thought patterns that pave the way for a brighter future.

Medical science approves it

Although brainwaves sound new to many people, but they exist for many years now.

There are researches proved that there are different brainwaves that are responsible for our emotions, behaviors and thoughts. Controlling these brainwaves means we can bring the feeling of happiness and keep negative thoughts from our bodies.

There are a lot of scientifically proven journals and reports claiming the effectiveness of this therapy for altering life situations.

365 days Money Back Guarantee!

The 15 Minute Manifestation program guarantees you will be satisfied with a 365-day money back guarantee. If you’re not getting results, you get your money back.


Available Only in Digital Format

This program is only available in the digital audio format, hence not helpful for individuals who cannot listen or those who prefer reading.

Only for patient and consistent listeners

You cannot skip the routine, you need to be consistent.15 Minute Manifestation is not an overnight miracle. You need to have discipline, patience and dedication to achieve results.

Requires you to be online

You can not have access to 15 Minute Manifestation program without internet connection because it is available only online.

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15 minute manifestation a strongly recommended program and is worth a try. It has shown its effect on a large number of people, and the best part is that it is completely risk free! You don’t have to worry about money loss, as you can get it refunded anytime within 365 days. So just go ahead, and buy it!

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