There is no denying that heath is one of the greatest wealth. One must maintain sound health and fitness in order to give one’s best and carry out all one’s duties and responsibilities in a seamless way besides enjoying the bliss and rewards of one’s hard labor. Low humidity inside the room can cause adverse impact on one’s health. It can cause respiratory problems due to drying of mucous membranes that line the inside of the nose and throat.

If you live in a dry climate and often fall sick due to the germs or allergens then it is very important to install a high quality and energy efficient humidifier. A humidifier raises the humidity or moisture content of your room and reduces the levels of dust and annoying static electricity in your home. It also helps you prevent chipped skins, cracked furniture and static shocks. Large humidifiers are installed in the commercial complexes as a part of the HVAC system. Humidifiers are also installed in the hospitals for increased comforts and conveniences of patients.

However with a wide variety of humidifiers available in the market it is quite difficult to find out and select the most suitable product from the market or online store that gives one the best value of money.

A suitable buying guide will help you select the right product that will meet your needs and requirements and will also fit your needs and pocket or budget.

The Purpose of Buying Guide For Humidifiers

A suitable buying guide will enable you get well informed about the features and price to look for and compare the same in order to pick up the right product. This will ensure that you get the best quality humidifier on a cost convenient price in a seamless way. You will be able to make well informed decisions and get the best value of your money without being lured to the marketing gimmicks. Whether you want humidifier for your home or office you must go through the buying guide and experts’ reviews of the product in order to assess the suitability of the product.

Humidifiers: What to Look For

There are three types of humidifiers available in the market that are ultrasonic, evaporative and units that boil water to produce steam. Modern day humidifiers come with many cutting edge features that make the device highly efficient, durable and useful. So what are the features that must be checked in your humidifier which will help you get the most suitable product?


The first and the most important thing to check is the functionality or actual performance of your humidifier. The humidity output of most humidifiers is stated in terms of their capacity to expel gallons of water every 24 hours. Another way humidifiers are rated is by how many square feet they are intended to humidify. It’s important that you buy a humidifier appropriate to your space. If your air becomes too humid (levels of over 60 percent) it can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold.

Ultrasonic units operate by using vibrations to pulverize water into fine mist. With this method, mineral-laden hard water produces a fine white dust that settles on your furniture and floors. Hence whenever you go for ultrasonic humidifier then you must ensure that this is equipped with a demineralization cartridge that removes such impurities. Ultrasonic humidifiers are almost silent and consume very little electricity compared to other humidifiers.

Evaporative coolers humidify by moving air through a wick sitting in water. Water is then blown through this large, wet surface and sent into the room as mist. Many impurities are removed during this process, but vigilant cleaning is needed to ensure you are trapping, not spreading, germs.


Some humidifiers offer both cold and warm mist output. Evaporative warm-mist humidifiers frequently heat the water to near boiling temperatures and the steam leaving these units may exit at much higher temperatures. To be safe, always use cool-mist humidification around children or infants.

Modern Day humidifiers come equipped with built-in hygrostats or humidistats that measure the amount of moisture in the air. This helps you get exactly the humidity level you want in your room instead of guessing at the unit’s output.

Buyer also must ensure that the humidifier comes with an automatic switch off system when the tank runs out of water. This protects the motor from overheating and lowers the risk of an electrical fire. If the unit you’re considering does not have an automatic shut-off, make sure it has a transparent reservoir so you can see when it needs refilling.


You must also take care to pick up a portable humidifier that should be light enough for you to carry it to the sink and have built-in tank handles that are easy to grip when the tank is wet. If you have a particular plan for the place where you will install your humidifier then check the unit’s measurements to be sure its size is a good fit for your space.

Warranty cover and technical support

Your humidifier must come at least with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The best manufacturers will back their products for even longer. Look for companies that offer a toll-free number or a live-chat support option so that you can reach a customer support agent for assistance.

So make it a point to buy humidifier of your choicest brand through a leading online store and enjoy a multitude of benefits.