InfinuvoHovo 510

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Yet another powerful vacuum cleaning robot that we evaluated is the Hovo 510 from Infinuvo. This robot is fully automatic and cleans all types of floor with just the press of a single button. The machine features a set of dual cleaning brushes, a side brush and a powerful vacuuming motor. The Hovo 510 does sweeping and vacuuming, plus the included mopping pad performs some outstanding mopping as well. It can pick up almost anything- from dust and dirt to pet hair and even cereals. You have the privilege of setting up the scheduler as per your needs and the machine automatically works on its own. What attracted us the most is that the machine automatically returns to its home charging station for re-charging after it has operated for as long as 90100 minutes!

Top notch features

The Hovo 510 is jam packed with a plethora of features among which the virtual boundary blocker and cliff sensor features are the most remarkable. The virtual boundary blocker lets you program the machine not to get into the “restricted” area. The cliff sensor protects the robot from falling off. When moving closer to an obstacle, the machine will simply slow down for a soft bump or even avoid contact totally.

Backlit LCD display

The in-built backlit LCD display is yet another essential attribute present in the Hovo 510. The display lets you set up the clock and cleaning schedule as well as showing the error codes. The LCD display is quite easy to read and works for a number of other features as well.

Features and Specifications

  • Fully automatic cleaning robot
  • Scheduler and remote control
  • Home charging station
  • UV light for disinfecting
  • Virtual boundary blocker
  • Cliff Sensor
  • Multi-function— sweeps, vacuums, mops, sanitizes
  • Runs for as long as 90100 minutes
  • Soft-touch and non-touch operation
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Hovo 510 has a customer feedback score of 3.2 out of 5 which is just fair enough. This score has been given by a total of 40 Amazon verified customers based on their experience with the same.

The customers have complained about two common issues, though minor in nature. While some have complained that it gets hard for the robot to find the home charging station at times- it would even drive past and not recognize it at all; others have complained that the machine would simply stop works after a few days of use. Faulty units are the reason we suspect, again, as this machine has been proved to be useful to the majority of customers.

If you are looking for a power packed machine and ready to shell out some good money, then this model is your thing. The ridiculously amazing 90100 minutes of one time operation left us dumbstruck. You ought to try it too.

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