Janome DC2014

Janome DC2014Janome is a well-known brand in the sewing machine market because each year they come up with the latest and best sewing machines that are equipped with all the necessary equipment that tailors and domestic users ask for. By looking at the title “DC2014”, you can tell that this model is the most recently released sewing machine from Janome.

Wide range of stitching options

The DC2014 relives it’s users from frequently switching from one sewing machine to the other. This machine has 50 Built-in-Stitches which you can easily select from the LCD screen. The machine also has 3 One-step Buttonhole stitching options that help you to put a buttonhole in shirts with a single move. From stretch, utility, garment stitches to Applique ones, the DC2014 has them all.

Another thing that you will find really useful while using this best sewing machine is that the right side of the machine has a detailed illustration of all the stitch options that are available in the machine Although some of the newer sewing machines show the stitch illustration right on the LCD screen, but many have found it a highly time consuming work; as scrolling through all these options to find a particular option kills a lot of productive time.

All in one sewing solution

This amazing sewing machine also has an automatic needle threading and Bobbin Winding option which helps a tailor to increase his/her productivity by 150% to 180%.

Here are some more sewing oriented feature of Janome DC2014:

  • Sewing speed: 860spm
  • Stitching width: up to 7mm
  • Stitching length: up to 5mm
  • Smooth and easy speed controller for maximum control

So, in a single sentence if you are looking for the best sewing machine on the market, this is it.

Advanced presser feet technology

This sewing machine is packaged with a wide range of pressure feet, which are easy to attach and requires a single push of a button to remove. Zipper Foot E, Blind hem foot g, over the edge Foot C to even feed foot, Janome DC2014 has them all. That’s why this machine is highly recommended for both beginners and for the experts.

Additional features

Beside all these helpful stitching options, there are some really good additional options that Janome provides to its customers. To start with, Janome provides 25 years of limited warranty support to DC2014’s customers. If you ever face any problem with the product, you can also contact them via phone or via Janome’s website.

Things you should know

Beside all these amazing features that the only complaints that customers have about this machine is that it does not have an automatic thread cutter the price range of this best sewing machine is a bit high.

But that is understandable as tailors have complained that the automatic thread cutter option included in most of the sewing machines stops working after a few months. And if you consider a huge list of features, the price is not so high at all.

Janome DC2014

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