Janome Horizon 8200QC

On your first glance on Janome Horizon 8200QC, you will not find anything extraordinary about this machine. But after looking at the features of 8200QC, you too will agree that this is one of the best sewing machines on the market.

Large workspace

The 8200QC has a large workspace extending to 12 inches from the needle column. This gives you enough space to smoothly control the motion of your cloth to ensure perfect stitching.

Janome has designed this machine for the professionals so that can get maximum number of work done with minimal effort. To do this they have placed the needle control functions right above the threading needle and on the right side of the power button. Now, you will find all your necessary stitching option right within your hand reach.

Wide range of stitching options

8200QC electronic sewing machine has a wide range of stitching option to choose from. Each of these stitching groups have their own variation of stitching parameters from which you can easily choose the one you like. By navigating through different stitching options, you can set your desired stitching length, depth and speed right away. Janome has also integrated a memory function which enables you to save an option that you will be using on a frequent basis.

The quality of the LED lighting is superb. So you will be able to quickly navigate through the options without any extra hassle.

Fiber friendly sewing machine

By using the 8200Qc, you will be able to do stitching on all the general fibers that are available in the market – including the knits, synthetic fabrics and extra thick ones with multiple layers.

To serve tailors with different needs there are more than ten presser feet options including the open toe foot, close toe feet and duel feed foot. There are also 5 bobbins options to help you get your quilting and stitching option done with perfection. And like all the other top quality best sewing machines in the market, this machine also has auto bobbin winding option built into it.

Janome Horizon 8200QC – Some Setbacks

Amazingly, this product does not have any complaint from the customers except some comments regarding the price of this product to be a bit high. This is understandable as I have said, this sewing machine is for the heavy duty sewing users. So, it is obvious that people who are looking for a sewing machine for beginners will find the price a bit high. If you look at the advanced features of this product like 120 built in stitch option, 7 piece feed dog, 2 built in accessory storage compartments; you too will agree that the price of this product is not too much.

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