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Although there are plenty of embroidery and quilting Sewing machine brands available on the market, Janome has a place of its own at the heart of its users. The first thing people consider about the Janome branded computerized sewing machines is because of their smooth and friendly usability. All the Janome branded sewing machines are designed and developed to make quilts and embroidery work easier for you. And to make the operation friendlier, all the top Janome branded computerized sewing machines come with a detailed manual which helps any beginner to get up and running with Janome machines within minutes.

Here are some in-depth overviews on why people love to use Janome sewing machines so much:

Jamome – User friendly setting options

The first thing to praise about a Janome branded product, is the usability. While most electronic sewing machines put all the functionality of the machine at the left side of the primary body. Such placement of buttons and control parameters help the users to get more sewing done with less effort. For example, most branded electronic sewing machines have power buttons and sewing setting on the left side of the machine which require more effort and more hand gesture from the user. But with Janome branded machines, you will find the power settings and most frequently used controls right above the power needle.

Another option that customer’s professional tailors and quilters love about Janome machine is its fast bobbin winding option and computerized thread tension control option. Based on the chosen type of embroidery and quilting, Janome’s computerized controllers keep the thread tension stable so that you can always get the perfect sewing for your products.

Jaonme – Wide range of models

Janome produces a wide range of embroidery and quilting sewing machine models with a variety of colors and features. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced tailor, Janome has a machine for you for sure.

By looking at the features and the technologically advanced designs, most people have a false belief that the price of Janome machines is a bit higher than regular machines. This is not the case at all. Although Janome has a high end machine like the DC2014 and the DC4030, there are also many low priced Janome machines available in the market as well.

How to find the best deal on Janome Quilting and embroidery sewing machines?

All the Janome sewing machines come with a limited warranty of 25 years. During this time period you can always reach out to Janome’s dedicated customer support team to solve your problems with your Janome product.

All the top quality Janome computerized sewing machines are currently available at Amazon. You can find more in-depth reviews from Janome DC2014 and Janome Horizon 8200QC.

If you are not sure about which machine would be best for you or currently have the best deal on the market, you can also check out our exclusive Sewing Machines Comparison Chart.

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