KS-94 Tankless Water Heater

The KS-94 has been designed to easily serve all mid and southern states homes in the U.S.A., delivering hot water for up to two showers at the same time. More power for less money is the mantra! You would never worry about running out of hot water again! This water heater doesn´t need a tank to reserve hot water, it just produces it as it passes through! The KS-94 shows a new and pleasing appearance that looks good anywhere and needs just a small space. Also it includes an optional hand shower in case you want to install it for a single point of use. With the right electrical supply, you just connect the cold water in, and get the hot water out.


This product was designed and manufactured with safety in mind. The KS-94 is made with sturdy, high-quality parts and components, including a patented temperature control switch and pressure-resistant nylon inlet and outlet pipes.

Energy Efficient

Turning off the faucet automatically shuts off the water heater. This water heater does not waste energy preserving heat and does not use any power on stand by.

Features and Specifications

  • It´s Tankless!, which means it uses energy only when you open the faucet
  • Delivers instant hot water
  • Powerful and strong unit: 11.78KW @ 240V. or 9.9KW @ 220V
  • Generates endless hot water for up to two showers at the same time
  • Designed and manufactured for high efficiency (about 95%) – Easy temperature control
  • It´s Green!: Because of its high efficiency, this product is friendly with the environment

Customer Scores and Reviews

The KS-94enjoys a decent feedback score of 4.3 out of 5 at the Amazon online store. This feedback score has been provided by 20 Amazon verified customers based on their experience with the same.

While reviewing the customer feedback, we have come across a couple of setbacks about the product. A majority of the disappointed customers have complained about the product being used prior to delivery. Shipping used units is indeed a disgrace to the manufacturer as well as the vendor. Again, other customers have complained that the ignition of the product goes out even at the slightest breeze. It is practically impossible to use this product in windy weather. Whatsoever, with all the features this product has to offer at 129 dollars, we simply can’t complain. It delivers a lot more than what can be expected at such a price tag.

The KS-94is a budget tankless water heater suitable for indoor use. It delivers above average services and features and that too at an amazing price range. This product is recommended if you plan to use it indoors or somewhere covered. Our personal score for this product is 4 out of 5.

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