Neato XV- 21 Pet and Allergy

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The Neato XV- 21 is a very interesting piece of vacuum cleaning robot we have come across while evaluating some of the best vacuum cleaning robots at amazon. This particular model has been designed specifically for those households which keep pets and for those who suffer from allergy. The XV- 21 can be programmed for daily use; come home to that “just cleaned” look every day as this machine automatically takes care of your floor (be it of any nature) while you are away for work. This model works on Next Generation Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Technology- RPS Technology, keeping your home cleaner and healthier than ever.

Pet and Allergy Filter

The Neato XV-21 picks up tough pet hair, dander and fibers with the help of a special bristled brush designed precisely for this purpose. The Pet and Allergy Filter propels airflow and suction power which enables the robot to pick up over three times the amount of fine dust particles as compared to regular filters. This feature keeps you safe from allergy attacks, proffering a healthy environment to live in.

Laser Based Vision and Room Mapping

The Neato XV- 21 robot features an intelligent Laser Based Vision and Room Mapping function that enables the device to constantly map the room it works in. And addition of an object to the room is instantly added to the map and the robot can easily steer itself clear off those obstacles while taking care of the cleaning of your room.

Features and Specifications

  • Fully Automatic Vacuum Cleaner with intelligent RPS Technology
  • Unique Pets and Allergy Bristle Brush
  • Runs quietly especially on hard floors
  • Super High Airflow and Suction Power
  • Picks up and retains fine dust
  • Vacuums in a methodical back and forth pattern
  • Large bag-less dustbin
  • Automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors
  • Laser Based Vision and Room Mapping
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Included Instructions Manual

Customer Score and Reviews

The Neato XV- 21 enjoys a fair feedback rating of 4 out of 5 at the Amazon online store. This Rating has been provided by as many as 1367 Amazon verified customers based on their experience with the same.

The machine seems to have two potential issues affecting the customers. After few days of use, the machine showed battery issue- it simply went dead. Some of the customers have also complained about the unit going backwards rather than moving in the preset direction. We assume this to be the reason of faulty units as no other significant issue has been registered.

Final Verdict- the Neato XV-21 is a value for money product with some superbly amazing features. We are in love with this device and hope you too will- Highly Recommended.

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