Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

Over the range Microwave ovens have been a part of the household for the grab and run guys. Although the use of this appliance started to help out the people never has sufficient time to prepare and eat a proper meal, but now days every household needs to have an over the range microwave oven to make delicious food and delicacies at home.

How to buy the perfect Over-the-range Microwave oven

Because of its increased demand in the market, more and more manufacturers are coming up with microwave ovens with different models and a whole lot of extra features. But, to buy the best over the range microwave from the market, you need to know what actually matters and what not. Knowing so will help you to buy the best microwave oven for your home without spending any extra money for unnecessary options.

Conventional Vs. Convectional

A conventional microwave oven produces high temp microwaves that can go through glass and plastic, while heating up the food within whereas a convectional microwave produces radiant heat which is then circulated within the microwave oven to heat up your food.

Both of them have their usage. If you are looking for a fast solution to cook your food then conventional ones would be the best for you. But if you are looking for a microwave that would provide you the maximum setting option for your microwave based cooking then convectional would be the best one for you. So, depending on your needs choose the one that suits you the most.

Type and size

A core reason why over the range microwave ovens have replaced the needs of large heat ovens is because of its compact usability. As more and more people are living on studio flats with a small kitchen room, an over the range microwave oven provides them the best cooking solution. But to find the best microwave oven that suits your kitchen needs a bit preparation.

Before choosing a microwave oven, do determine the countertop where you will place the microwave oven and also take a measurement of the counter. Beside the width and height of you pre-determined microwave oven you should also measure at least 5 inch top and 5 inch both side space, to ensure a berating space for the microwaves space. Also check out the availability of an electricity port near that counter. If it is too far, then it would be wise for you to choose a microwave oven that has a long electricity cord or else get a multi-plugging socket.

Technical specifications

As microwaves uses powerful heated waves to bake or cook your food, it is important to know if the mechanism of the oven is suitable for your household electricity connectivity. Although most of the microwave’s now days are compatible with 1000 watt electricity supply but it is better to double check before regretting later. This is a very important thing to check if you are buying an over the range microwave oven from USA to be used in other part of the world. Most of the microwaves that are built specifically for USA household will have this fact mentioned with the appliance detail.

Another thing to watch out while buying the best over the range microwave oven is the number of pre-defined microwave setting and its defrosting functionality. While most of the ovens have a decent number of heat and oven settings built into the right side of the oven, it is important for your double check. Because if you are an advance level cook then you would highly appreciate an oven that gives you a lot of customized heating options to tweak with.

After considering all these now we think you are ready to order one of the best over the edge microwave ovens from the list of top 5 microwave ovens mentioned below.

5 best Over-the-range Microwave Ovens

Now that you know the specifications that a top quality over the range microwave should have to deserve your money, it is time to take a look at some of the microwaves that are available online.

To help you save both time and money, here we have listed 5 of the best over the range microwave ovens that have all the necessary qualities needed to become the best microwave ovens on the market.

Sharp 1800 Watt heavy Duty Microwave oven

If you are looking for a sustainable heavy duty over the range oven for your restaurant or your café then this is the oven for you. The oven is built with stainless steel exterior and also has a solid sustainable interior, so it can go through the hardship of a commercial kitchen. Other features of this oven includes:

  • Two rack option for customized in-depth cooking
  • One solution for all of your Baking, browning, roasting and crisping needs
  • Has an internal hood light and fan for ease of use
  • Build in exhaust system to keep your food fresh
  • 13 inch turntable for perfect cooking
  • 1 cubic feet cabin capacity
  • Intelligent cooking sensors to ensure perfect cooking
  • Auto on-off feature with 10 variable power level and 3 stage of programming

Not sure if it is for you? Read some of the in-depth review on the dedicated Sharp 1800 oven page.

Amana AMV1150VAW microwave oven

The AMV1150VAW is a double duty microwave oven that ensures the most efficient cooking within budget. Although it has a very simple white look but when you go through the feature list of this oven, you be overwhelmed for sure.

  • One of the best over the range microwave ovens in the market that does cooking with both contemporary vent and a modern microwave
  • Auto cooking option with wide range of settings
  • Large 1.5 cu ft cooking area that can easily take care of both bowl and platter based items
  • Auto defrosting option to help out frozen food lovers
  • 2 fast ventilation system to provide better cooking and perfect heat ventilation
  • Integrated charcoal odor filter that pulls out the food odor
  • Advanced touchmatic heating system with 10 different settings for power level and heat exaction
  • Runs on 1,000 watt electricity and has a 220 CFM venting system for perfect microwave needs
  • Large ventilated front window with auto dim light inside to ensure perfect view

It’s no wonder that Amana AMV1150VAW is one of the most admired ovens in the market right now. Just look at the ratings and customer reviews on AMV1150VAW.

Frigidaire FFCE1638LB oven

Frigidaire is well renowned in the market for making affordable microwave ovens that are built with wide range of features. The FFCE1638LB is no different. Built for sustainability this oven also helps the beginner oven cooks to get up and running in no time. Here are some of the features that people love about the FFCE1638LB:

  • Effortless defrost and reheating feature to help sooth frozen food lovers
  • One-touch option for both easy cooking and complex ovening
  • Integrated advanced sensor cooking system to help you to get more spare time
  • 10 separate power levels to perfectly adjust the heat and microwave intensity
  • Comes with separate control lock options making grilling, baking and browning work easier.
  • Interior light with a hard spinning pad to ensure perfect overview of the cooking process
  • Wide 1.6 Cu ft oven space to get suit both small and large cooking items.

The price range of model FFCE1638LB at amazon is 0 to 0. Visit in-depth review page of FFCE1638LB to get the best deal online.

Whirlpool WMH31017AW

Rated as the most consumer friendly microwave oven out there by a popular cookware magazine, the Whirlpool WMH31017AB is still taken as one of the best microwave ovens online. From its simple design to detailed setting one touch setting options this microwave oven has everything that one would wish for in an affordable over the range microwave oven. Here are some of the features that most customers mentioned on their review of WMH31017AW:

  • Has a large 1.7 Cu. Ft microwave capacity suitable to prepare both snack and meals
  • Comes with 10 level of different cooking setting and one touch pre-made setting for easy cooking
  • 1000 watts of cooking power to perfectly bake, grill your food
  • Auto dim interior light with ventilate front glass to help you have a clear view of the food
  • Has 2 internal heat fans to keep out bad odor and smoke
  • Specialized soften melt cycle heating to melt down ice from frozen food items without damaging the taste
  • Strong circular glass cycle that ensures perfect heat distribution of your food
  • Comes with 1 years of limited warranty and packages with detailed manual

Over on amazon it has a price range of below 0. To avail the most discounts visit in-depth review on WMH31017AW.

Sharp R-1214 stainless steel microwave oven

Among all the hundreds of over the top microwave ovens out there, the R-1214 from sharp is stated to be the most technologically advanced piece of appliance. With its 11 pre-defined heating sensors and 24 automatic settings you can bet that this oven will minimize your cooking effort by a lot. Beside its automated sensor technology, here are some more benefits of using the R1214:

  • Different setting available for snacks, meals and hot beverages
  • Specialized popcorn setting available to prepare the most tastiest popcorns
  • Smart one touch settings for quick and easy baking
  • Large 1.5 Cu ft oven interior
  • Built with top quality Stainless steel for heavy duty use and sustainability
  • Each to clean 14.8 inch turntable that ensures perfect heating
  • Centralized defrosting technology for frozen food lovers
  • Runs on 1100 Watt power which is perfect for all US household

Want to know what current customers are saying about the performance of R-1214? Visit in-depth review on Sharp’s R-1214.