Portable Generators

What to Look For When Buying a Portable Generator

Electricity is an essential part of our day to day life and we simply can’t live without it. Given its importance for our existence, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s the fourth basic need for the human beings of this era. From lighting up our homes during the night to more subtle applications such as cooking, drilling, meeting entertainment needs (eg. running TV sets, computers etc.), and a plethora of other activities which we can’t live without. Like everything man made is prone to break downs and failures, so is electricity. This is where and when generators come for our rescue. Generators, which are powered by fuel, deliver a consistent source of electricity for hours at times when electricity is of the utmost essence and your regular source of electricity is still in the process of repairing.

Portable Generators are power sources ideal for regular use. These generators are compact and lightweight and can be traversed from anywhere to everywhere. Portable generators are best used while you are on a camping spree. As we all know, it is practically impossible to have access to electricity in a national forest where you would want to spend a peaceful weekend. This is where one can eulogize the benefits of owning a portable generator. Also, most of these portable generators can be used as a source of power for your home as well, as there are a plethora of powerful units with the capacity to run a number of light and other appliances for long hours providing the necessary power all throughout the night.

Now, while choosing a portable generator best suited for your needs, there are certain features you need to consider before venturing out to buy one. We simply can’t tell you which generator is the best as everyone’s requirements vary considerably. However, we have made an arduous attempt in drawing out some of the most essential aspects you should consider that would help selecting the best model suited for your needs.

Power Range

One of the best ways to select your portable generator is to calculate first the amount of power you would need. While most of the models listed here come for less that 0, there are others, more power-packed that can go up to as much as 1000 dollars. You won’t want to spend a grand on a generator when you need the minimum power for something like a camping trip. The Duromax and Yamaha models deliver higher power outputs, sufficient electricity to run electrical appliances in a house. But they are quite expensive. If your power requirement is low then we would like to suggest the PowerPro 56101 which is extremely portable and lightweight, delivers adequate power to run a small campsite for the night and of course, comes quite cheap.


Durability is one very important aspect to consider while choosing your model of portable generator. While there are some made of plastic, there are others which come for a few more hundreds but stand firm in the long run. Generators can be ignited by a pull chord in the event that it lacks an electric start button. In such a case, it is quite mandatory for the generator to bear a strong pull chord so that it doesn’t break off after a few days’ use. Also, the handle and the hose need to be of superior quality if you arebig on durability.


Performance is yet another major point to consider while making your decision. While some very expensive products fail to deliver the desired results, some regular ones can sweep you off your feet by providing the best components with good features at a fairly competitive price. Look for the ones that have the maximum performance rating. The Yamaha models are a good choice in terms of performance and we highly recommend these products.

Value for Money

There are brands that charge you less and give you a lot of features. While there are other brands that come expensive but the feature count is quite low. We suggest you avoid both of these and go for the third option. While the less expensive brands give you a multitude of features, the quality of their products aren’t reliable while will result in total loss at the end of the day. And again, why pay huge bucks for those machines that can’t even afford the minimum necessary features? The third option however gives you all necessary features at a very reasonable price. The XP4400E model from Duromax is one such alternative you can go for.

Tips for choosing the best portable generator

  • Decide the purpose for which you’d need the generator
  • Next, narrow your selection to the features you want
  • Narrow your choice even more by selecting certain features that are must-haves for your needs
  • Keeping the budget in mind, consider durability of the chosen machines
  • Go through customer reviews and feedback
  • Choose the product that appears to be the most value for money model
  • Visit the local hardware store for a demonstration if possible