Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Welcome to the best review and online buying guide on robotic vacuum cleaners. In this review you will get to know every bit of details that will help you to buy the best robotic vacuum cleaner within your budget.

Why do you need a robotic vacuum cleaner?

If you are tired of holding and moving your vacuum cleaner back and forth all day to keep your house clean and shiny then buying one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners might be the answer for you.

Here are some cool advantages you will get by ordering one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners from our online collection:

  • Independence from every day cleaning work
  • More scope to enjoy life or do things you like rather than moving around with your vacuum cleaner
  • No need to insulate electricity supplies here and there
  • No need to change the vacuum tools every now and then to make the cleaner compatible for dust particles and pet hairs.

But to ensure the all these benefits within a single automated vacuum cleaner, you need to buy one the best ones in the market. And to achieve that you need to know the things to look out for (mentioned within our Buying guide section) while choosing the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for your home.

Robotic vacuum cleaner Buying guide

Although most people love the concept of automated dust cleaning technology of a robotic vacuum cleaner, but like all the other electronic products- the performance varies from one such robotic cleaner in the other.

To help you choose the best one within budget, here are the top 5 things to consider while choosing the best robotic vacuum cleaner from the market.

  • Sensor: The object sensing technology is what makes a robotic vacuum cleaner different from the regular vacuums. These sensors help the machine to automatically move around the house and clean the dust at its own pace. So choosing a cleaner with the most advanced sensor is important.Among different types of sensors the ultrasonic sensors and the ultrasound sensors have been proven to be the best sensor technology for a robotic vacuum cleaner. While low-end sensors like Light touch bumpers and Infrared bumpers failed to detect the difference between a precious glass object and dust particles, ultrasound and ultrasonic based cleaners precisely identified them. So, while choosing the best automated vacuum cleaners from the market, go for the ones with ultrasound or ultrasonic sensors as they have the proven results to work more effectively.
  • Getting into the corners: Cleaning the room corners with a vacuum cleaner seems to have become the toughest job for the vacuum users. As most vacuum cleaners have a wide body, it is hard to get into the corners. And most people don’t believe that an automated cleaner would even achieve such result, while the general ones fails to do so. But the best robotic vacuum cleaners have been seen to clean the room corners right off with smooth precision with their blow and inhale system. So, if you need to ensure the maximum cleanliness of your home, do buy a robotic/ automatic vacuum cleaner that is capable of perfectly cleaning the room corners.
  • Superb Mapping system: As these robotic cleaners take care of your day to day room cleaning needs by itself, it is important to know how efficient its mapping system is. While some of them follows the bump and turn around pattern each day, most advanced cleaning boots stores mapping patterns every time to save its time and energy on the next day. If you want to buy the best robotic vacuum cleaner on the market, do choose the one that has the best mapping option and stores the most effective path each time.
  • Dustbin- type and space: The dust bin option to go with are the ones that are secured and has the pull up option built into it. Most of the customers have found this type highly useful as it makes the use of such a machine easier and it also prevents a user from getting into unnecessary cleaning work.
  • Battery performance: The last thing that you need to consider about you’re a high performing robotic vacuum cleaner is that it’s battery performance. If you have carpets in your house or have too many large rooms, it is a very important thing for you to consider. It is important because it is always recommended by experts to buy such cleaners that gets all the cleaning job done within one swipe as charging a robotic vacuum cleaner too many times within a single day cleaning session is not worth the time and effort.

Top 5 best robotic vacuum cleaners in the market

By analyzing most of the robotic vacuum cleaners by following the points mentioned in the buying guide section we have found out 5 of the best robotic vacuum cleaners on the market.

Naeto Robotics XV Signature Robotic Vacuum

Naeto is a powerful, smart and most technologically advanced robotic cleaner on the market. From intelligent suction controller to a logically designed mapping movement, Naeto has them all. Here are some of the most amazing features of Neato Robotics XV signature:

  • The machine uses the combination of laser and ultrasound sensors to find out dust particles and map out the perfect mapping directions.
  • Instantly saves a mapping pattern of the room to increase cleaning efficiency.
  • Automatically switches to necessary functions depending on the surface
  • Its high suction power enables it to clean all sorts of dust and pet hair including debris, carpets.
  • Intelligently scans objects to prevent itself from damaging precious glass and fragile objects.

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iClebo YCR M05-10

YCV M05-10 is called well known in the market for its excellent cleaning performance. It has been said to clean 94% more dust than all the other vacuums on the market. Some of the major benefits of YCR M05 are:

  • Integrated superior 2 in 1 clean+mop technology for perfect cleaning
  • 15 advanced sensor monitors to ensure thorough and collision free mapping and cleaning
  • State of the art stable barrier recognition to perfectly clean rough surfaces and hard to reach room corners.
  • Tested and certified by top quality controllers like KEMA and EUP.
  • Has triple integrated CPUs that analyzes and creates the perfect mapping area for a room
  • Cleans for 160 minutes straight after each full charging session.
  • Has 50 navigation sensors and can climb up to 2cm vertical floor while continuing smooth cleaning

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Infinuvo hovo 510

The first thing that will certainly come to your mind after watching to see the Hovo 510 from Infunuvo is its solid structure and professional look. From nuts to pet hairs, this one cleans every little dust right off. Here are some more features that customers love about the 510:

  • Easy to remove and insert dustbin function
  • Multi-function cleaning technology for maximum usefulness
  • Smoothly cleans both hardwood and tile floors
  • Friendly to both pets and toddlers
  • Automatically configures setting for rugs, carpets and room corners
  • Because of its slim design and powerful sensors it can easily clean under tight spaces and never falls out of the floor
  • Automatically goes back to the charging dock when the low battery signal is activated

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Irobot Braava 320

Equipped with the state of the art North Star navigation system them Braava 320 from irobot is the fastest automated dust cleaner on the market.

Here are some major features on this automatic vacuum cleaner:

  • Cleans for 3 hours with a single full charge session
  • Sleek and slim compact designs enable the machine to clean all sorts of surface
  • Quiet operation with auto off functionality at the end of cleaning work
  • Cleans all sorts of hardwood and tile floor perfectly
  • Perfect for people who live a busy life and do not have time for room cleaning
  • Provides quickest mopping and cleaning service
  • The fastest cleaning experience delivered by cleaning Bots
  • Built in sensors help the cleaner from dropping off from stairs and narrow spaces.

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P3 P4960 V bot

If you are looking for a low budget effective vacuum cleaner/robot then P3 P4960 is the one for you.

Besides being the best cost friendly vacuum robot in the market, here are some more features:

  • 3 unique cleaning features like Random, spiral and along the wall to get the cleaning job done
  • Whisper-quiet operation for smooth and disturbance free cleaning
  • Slim design enables it to clean through tight spaces
  • 45 minutes operation with a single charge
  • Smooth cleaning on wooden and tile floors and on rugs
  • Works perfectly for a small apartment and studio flats

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