Sewing Machines

If you are looking to buy the best sewing machine to start your sewing business, or just looking for a machine to make some cool threads for yourself; then this article is written just for you. From thousands of quality electronic sewing machines, we have handpicked the best ones just for you.

These sewing machines don’t only have the best features that today’s market has to offer, but they also help you to save a whole lot of money while providing you the best value.

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Before going all into the reviews, here are some of the aspects of a best sewing machine that you should know while choosing the best machine for you to use.

Buying guide to finding the perfect electronic sewing machines in the market

There are more then 500+ electronic sewing machine models in the market, and each of them have their unique feature.So, choosing the perfect electronic sewing machine to take care of your stitching and quilting needs will not be an easy one. So, to help you out, here are some most common things to look out for while choosing the sewing machine from the market.


Depending on the brand and its exclusive features, the price tag of a quality sewing machine vary from 0 to 000. So, before rushing into any website and giving your card details, do take a deep breath and realize how much you can afford to spend on a single machine. This is a very important thing to consider as today’s sewing machines are equipped with so many features that it is easy for you to get sucked into paying for a high-end quilting sewing machines that has more features then you would generally need.


Brands like Singer, Brother, Janome, white and Juki has been dominating the embroidery sewing machine market for years now. So, while choosing the right crafting machine, you can always trust on these brands. Rather than buying your machine from any random brands, go for one of these brands as then it will be easier for you to get extra parts and warranties, if something goes wrong.

While choosing the brands, another thing to consider is that place where the machine is made in. Because to make the prices of the machines more user friendly, brands are now using plastic and aluminum parts on their machine rather than heavy duty metals. Normally, the machines that are made/assembled in USA have the best quality parts in the market. Do remember that they will cost more too.

Here are the top 3 brands that are most popular in the market and provides longest product support to their customers.


Buying a quilting or embroidery sewing machine is almost like buying a car. Although all of the models are used for the same purpose, yet they are not same. For example, some machines are very good for taking care of your day to day sewing needs while others are equipped with specialized features to take care of your special stitching needs. So, while choosing the best machine for you, do remember to prioritize your needs first.

Most common features that you will find within popular machines are electronic stitch selectors, wide range of buttonhole options, innovative LCD screens to control stitching activity and auto bobbin winding facility.

To help you out, we have categorized the best-selling electronic sewing machines based on their features and usability:

  • Newbie friendly: If you are completely new into sewing and looking for basic yet durable machine to start with then these machines are for you.
  • Master crafter: This category has the list of machines that have all the features that a sewing master may need. Do know that we have only enlisted the machines provides advanced sewing options at an affordable price.
  • Embroidery extraordinaire: Are you more into advanced embroidery sewing? We know that to accomplish such advance sewing you need specialized sewing technology. This machine is for you.
  • Quilting master: These machines are for crafting lovers who are more into fast and accurate quilting.
  • Advance and techy: If you are looking for a cheap yet advanced embroidery or quilting sewing machines that is equipped with all the modern features like digital display and innovative stitch selectors, then this category of machines is for you.

Top 5 best electronic sewing machine reviews

Singer 2259

If you are a beginner and currently looking for a machine that will get your minimal stitching job done with minimal effort then Singer 2259 is the option for you. Here are some of the features that make this machine an instant buy:

  • Quick and simple operation sewing procedure
  • 19 variations of sewing option to take care of most popular sewing needs
  • Instant stitch selector option to making stitching a breeze
  • 4 Snap-on pressure feet ensures pin-point detailed stitch
  • Automatic 4 step option available for professional looking button stitches
  • Heavy duty metal frame for long lasting use

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Singer 7258

When a sewing or thread crafting machine wins the best-buy consumer digest award, you know that the quality and the service of the machine are beyond average.This fact is so true for the 7258 model from Singer. With its wide range of advanced stitch options, this single machine alone has taken the brand Singer to a whole new level.

Here are some of the most popular features of Singer 7258 that helped it to get 800+ 5 out of 5 star reviews from its customers.

  • A versatile machine that provides smooth support for Quilting, Crafting and Sewing
  • Has 100 Stitch sewing options with 10 varieties of pressure feet
  • Wide LED display providing instant information about the stitch length and width
  • Customizable speed and width parameter for stitch and button holes
  • Packaged with a vast collection of pressure feet and accessories to suit your every sewing needs
  • Automatically sets the optimum stitch length for each particular stitch option

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Brother XL2600i

If you are in need of buying a stitching machine that is light, easy-to-carry and gets your sewing job done in no time, then Brother XL2600I is the machine for you. This machine is built as a one for all sewing solution that will suit both beginners and expert tailors. XL2600I has options like easy stitch selectors automatic needle threader which helps the user to get his/her quilting, stitching, buttonholing job done in no time. Here are some more features of Brother XL2600I:

  • Fast and easy bobbin winding feature for easy and comfortable use
  • Built in free arm to help you sew cuffs and sleeves with perfection
  • Instant buttonhole feature for quick and easy button hole stitching
  • Light weight machine for easy carrying
  • Comes with 25 year limited warranty for extended support

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Brother CS6000i

CS6000I is an excellent machine to go for, if you are all about fast and efficient sewing. From quick and easy switching between stitch options to extensive collection for each threading option, with CS6000I sewing will be a breeze.

Here are some of the features that made this machine the number one best selling electronic sewing machine in the international market.

  • Wide range of stitch and sewing option for comfortable stitch and quilting experience
  • Variable speed controller with extensive parameters to ensure perfect stitching control
  • Jam resistance technology for hassle free sewing
  • Additional LED light function over the stitching needle to provide extra clarity for its user
  • Automatically set the stitch type and speed using advanced LCD screen
  • 25 year limited warranty with prompt customer support via phone
  • Quick set drop in bobbin winding support for maximum stability

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Janome DC2014

Beside the well-known Singer and Brother branded machines, a huge number of tailors are also fond of the DC2014 sewing machines made by Janome. Like all the top quality embroidery machines in the market, Janome DC2014 does a very good job in getting the stitching job done with perfection. But the specialty of this machine comes to play when a tailor goes for threading thick materials. While most of the regular machines are designed and developed to take care of general threading needs, Janome DC2014 embroidery sewing machine is built for the hardcore users.

Here are some features of Janome DC2014:

  • Lightweight steady sewing machine for flexible and comfortable sewing
  • Detailed and well explained manual
  • Extensive option for threading
  • Smooth and quite operation
  • Straightforward sewing mechanism with 50 different stitch option
  • 3 buttonhole option
  • LED stitch pattern indicator to improve productivity
  • Computerized stitch control that ensure top quality stitich
  • Automatic needle threaded helps to stitch faster

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