Sharp R- 1405 950 Watt

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The Sharp R- 1405 is a well designed, reasonably priced over the range microwave which is a perfect piece of oven for every home maker to take care of the food. The microwave has been designed to save space and features some exclusively top-notch functions that are most essential for a microwave oven to have. Auto touch controls let you cook your food with the utmost ease- all you need to do is to press a button and the microwave oven takes care of the rest. As many as 10 variables of power let you cook different types of food with the extreme precision. The easy defrost center lets you defrost almost all types of frozen food quite effortlessly, and in a very quick way. All in all, this microwave is a must have in every kitchen and we don’t doubt it the least.

Auto Touch Controls

The Auto Touch controls make cooking a very effortless task. Just keep the food you want to cook over the rotating turntable and simply select your preferences by touching the buttons and your food will be ready in no time.

5 Digit, 2 Color LCD display

The LCD display lets you see your selections and also works as an indicator. It even informs you of errors so that you know what precisely has gone wrong.

Features and Specifications

  • Space saving over the range microwave
  • Convenient Minute Plus feature
  • Auto touch controls
  • 950 watt power
  • Precise programming with a 5 digit, 2 color backlit display
  • Cook Center and Reheat Center
  • Easy Defrost Center
  • 10 variable power levels
  • 3 convenient venting options- horizontal, vertical, recirculating
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes instructions manual

Customer Score and Reviews

The Sharp R- 1405 model has an average feedback score of 4.3 out of 5 at the Amazon online score. This score has been provided by as many as 66 Amazon verified customers based on their experiences with the same.

While going through the customer reviews, we have come across a few common issues faced by the users. The microwave has got an inconsistent frame work and a very poor built. It’s quite common for the microwave to come up with faulty parts after a couple of months’ use. Others have reported about issues such as shorted circuit board or severed handle which talks about the low quality of parts used by Sharp. However, these issues can be addressed easily and hence a majority of the customers are fond of it.

Final Verdict- The microwave has some outstanding features to boast of. Besides the above mentioned issues, there are no major issues about this counter top oven. We would personally like to give this microwave a feedback rating of 4.5 out of 5, which we believe is completely fair.

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