Tips for Online Shopping Safely

Shopping online, as lucrative it may seem, has its own cons. There are considerably high chances that you might fall victim to scams and online frauds, or your identity and personal information, including your bank account details could get compromised until and unless you follow the following 12 basic mantras for a safe online transaction. Let us count them for you today.

  1. Installing an internet security on your PC is a must. In addition to protecting you from viruses and Trojans, a potential internet security suite will keep your online transaction secure, safeguarding your personal details against falling prey to cyber scams.
  2. Besides an antivirus, a secure browse is what you will also need for a safe online shopping. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox support anti-spyware and anti-phishing which protects you from countless online threats which otherwise may lead to serious identity breach.
  3. Ensure that the URL of your shopping destination starts with https:// and not just http://. The “s” here confirms that the identity of the website is verified and the URL is a secure one.
  4. Using coupon codes and gift cards whenever available is another great way to get your goodies online. There are various websites that give away coupon codes in offer, and using these coupon codes not only save you money but also exempt you from using your card details online. The same can be said of gift cards, as well.
  5. Email advertising is yet another podium for online shopping. Your inbox often gets flooded with catchy advertises that seem to give away products at rock-bottom prices. Always know that an offer that seems too good to be true is actually is. Visit links from sources that you trust. Avoid the ones in your spam box.
  6. Again, there are umpteen websites on the internet that you can browse for your shopping venture, but what you need to know here us that not all websites are real or trustworthy. So, before punching in you card details only to get robbed later, make sure that the business you are dealing with is genuine. Check for reviews, recommendation and customer feedback before closing the deal.
  7. Avoid making online payments from a public computer. You would not now what software or virus has been installed in to the computers in your local cyber café. Chances are that while you will be punching in your card details and personal info, the malicious software could be making a record of everything that you have been typing in. Your personal computer is the best medium to make such transactions, hence.
  8. Using apps for online shopping is not the best idea to go for. Mobile apps have been developed to save time; they don’t guarantee the safety of your transaction. Purchasing from the website directly is encouraged here is it is way safer than using buggy apps.
  9. Use complicated alpha-numeric passwords, always. Using dictionary words for your passwords is a direct threat to your financial integrity. And also keep different passwords for different websites. You are more secure when your password is not the master-key for all your accounts.
  10. Use credit cards for making payments. Credit card companies provide fraud purchase recovery and protection from identity theft that debit cards don’t. Also, do not fill in the complete form while making the payment. Details such as your DOB or your SS number can be omitted for a safer undertaking.
  11. Read the website’s privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions before shopping. Privacy policies change time and often so make sure you have saved a copy of the same. Also, save receipts after every transaction. This will help you claim undelivered goods in the future.
  12. Last but not the least, check your credit card statements regularly. Always verify that the amount that has been charged for the product you have paid for matches with the price shown in the website. Also, register for mobile alerts for transactions made from your bank accounts. This way you will be able to avoid a situation before it is too late.

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