Top 3 Sewing machine tips for beginners

If you are a complete newbie in using sewing machines and currently looking for the best newbie guidelines on how to sew like a PRO within weeks, this is it.

By following these 3 tips you will be able to quickly get up and running with your chosen quilting or embroidery sewing machine.

  1. Find the most compatible sewing machine for your cause

The first thing that you need to consider before sewing is that you need to buy the most perfect sewing machine that is compatible with your environment and need. Here are some of the categories that you need to consider before buying the most perfect sewing machine:

Compatible features: As a starter it is highly recommended to choose a computerized sewing machine that easily takes care of your beginner and intermediate sewing needs. Many of the beginners tend to go for a simple hand driven sewing machines, as they think that a computerized one will be too much for them. This is the wrong way to go.

Normally it will take you some time to get comfortable with using a sewing machine. And when you get easy with it, it will be hard for you to switch to another sewing machine in the long run. So, I highly suggest you to go for a sewing machine that will support your work at least next 15 years. You can find a list of the best beginner friendly sewing machines here.

Technical compliance: Most sewing machines are compliant to run on 120V, which is perfect for people who are living in the USA. But, if you are living outside of the USA, do check the voltage requirement of your desired computerized sewing machine before ordering it online.

  1. Go for a reputed sewing machine brand

Most people face different types of problems with their first sewing machine as the day progresses. To solve such problem – you need to have a support team on your site. That’s why you need to buy a sewing machine from a reputed brand like Singer, Brother or Janome. Read here in-depth reviews on Singer, Brother or Janome sewing machines.

These companies are highly reputed in the market because of their fast and efficient customer support. Plus, most of the sewing machine models manufactured by the mentioned brand come with 25 years of limited warranty, which is also a major plus for you as a beginner.

  1. Get the best sewing machine deal online

As you know prices of good quality sewing machines ranges from $80 to $2500. Obviously, for beginners we do not recommend the high end models. But that does not mean that you will go for the cheapest ones either.

You should buy a sewing machine that has the highest amount of features and available on an affordable price range. If you search on popular sites like amazon and eBay, you will find hundreds of basic and advanced sewing machine models that are both affordable and perfect for beginners.

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