WEN 56352

The WEN 3500 Watt Generator is an all-purpose portable electric generator designed to bring power to where you need it the most. This generator is well equipped with a powerful 7 HP, 4-Stroke OHV single cylinder engine with forced air cooling system that sums up to offer up to 3500 surge watts of power. With two 120 Volt Receptacles and one 240/120 V NEMA L14-30 Receptacle, the WEN 56352 model is capable of providing adequate power for running lights, refrigerator and a sump pump all at the same time. The generator can run at 71dB for 11 hours at half load. Also it includes a wheel kit for easy transportation. A must have for any homeowner!

Maximum Source of Power

This compact gas-powered generator features a rugged 212cc, 7HP air-cooled OHV engine that supplies the necessary muscle to turn the alternator at 3600RPM for 3000 rated watts of power. For the time you need extra power to start an appliance, the generator delivers 3500 watts.

Multiple Receptacles

The WEN 3500 has a number of power receptacles. There are two 120-volt, 20 amp, three-prong receptacles and a 120/240-volt (L14-30), 30 amp, twist-lock outlet for use when either voltage is required. A selector switch lets the user go from one voltage to the other.

Features and Specifications

  • 3500 peak, 3000 running watts
  • 4 Gallon fuel tank with fuel gauge
  • 11 hrs. Run time at half load
  • Automatic low oil engine shutdown
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

Customer Reviews and Scores

The WEN 56352 enjoys a feedback score of 4.5 out of 5 at the Amazon online store. This feedback has been provided by as many as 178 customers depending on their evaluation of the same.

However, while going through the customer reviews, we have come across a couple of major set backs about this machine. A majority of the units delivered to the customers have been recorded as broken as damaged products. This is a turn off for a generator with a reputation as such. Also, some of the units simply won’t work after a few times of use. Faulty units are a major issue about this product. Other than these, the generator delivers some great services as promised.

Whatsoever, at a price range of 337 dollars, the machine provides all that it is designed for. The few flaws it has can be corrected at the minimum possible expanse and effort. For a portable generator, the WEN 56352outshines others of its kind will the plethora of features it has to offer. Our personal feedback score about this machine would be 4.5+.

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