What to Look for When Buying a Coffee Maker

So, what makes a great coffee maker, you might want to ask. Well, honestly, there is no definite answer to this question. While some would be fond of latte and hence would go for a latte maker, others would cherish a hot cup of coffee and hence choose a coffeemaker instead, that makes them the desired cup of steaming hot coffee. While both fall in the same category, there is a fine line between a hot cup of coffee and a glass of iced one. So what’s best for one may not be as useful for the other. Whatsoever, keeping some of the most sought after attributes in to account, we try to provide you with a clear picture of what you might need to look for while making your choice.


There are simpletons that do nothing but make you a decent cup of coffee without any specific function to for, and there are others that includes some highly sophisticated features and make your coffee making process more meaningful and of course, effortless. The good news is that these feature rich coffee makes come for a slightly high price within the 50-200 dollar mark depending on its versatility. So the best option is to go for the later as you have more options here rather than boiling your coffee in some saucepan. While almost all coffeemakers, now a days, offer automatic brewing there are options such as aroma toting, grind and brew, pre-programmed auto brewing and other options to go for. If you are fond of aroma rich coffee than the DCF2212T model from DeLonghi seems to be a good option. For those who love freshly ground coffee, the Cuisinart DGB- 625BC Grind and Brew model provides the best freshly ground cup of coffee you can ever come across. The Mr. Coffee EL 1 café Latte model is ideal for those who love to chill out with a cool frothy glass of milky latte.


Durability is another aspect to consider while making your choice for the best coffee maker for you. You won’t want your coffee maker to fall apart after a couple of months, would you? While most coffee makers have a plastic frame, there are others such as the DCC- 1200 Brew Central model from Cuisinart that proffers a metal body which indeed is more durable as compared to the others. Besides looking for features, durability of your machine should be your foremost concern even though the metal ones comes wee bit expensive than the plastic bodies coffee makers.


Quality here implies to the quality of coffee the coffee maker produces. If you are not a die-hard coffee fan and can do with a regular cup of coffee then this section is not for you. For those who really have a thing for coffee and would settle for nothing less than the best cup of aromatic or freshly ground or semi-brewed coffee, you might want to consider the DeLonghi DCF2212T, Cuisinart DTC 975BKN and the Hamilton Beach 49983A models as these coffee makers give you nothing less than what you seek.

Value for Money

There are brands that charge you less and give you a lot of features. While there are other brands that come expensive but the feature count is quite low. We suggest you avoid both of these and go for the third option. While the less expensive brands give you a multitude of features, the quality of their products aren’t reliable while will result in total loss at the end of the day. And again, why pay huge bucks for those machines that can’t even afford the minimum necessary features? The third option however gives you all necessary features at a very reasonable price. The BVMC- SJX33GT model from Mr. Coffee is one such alternative you can go for.

Tips to Choose The Best Coffee Maker

  • Decide what you want the most- latte or a hot cup of coffee
  • Next, narrow your selection to the features you want out of your machine
  • Narrow your choice even more by selecting certain features that you can’t seem to live without
  • Keeping the budget in mind, consider durability of the chosen machines
  • Go through customer reviews and feedback
  • Choose the product that appears to be the most value for money model
  • Start enjoying your favorite cup of coffee!
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