What to Look for When Buying a Cordless Drill

Whether it is hanging a picture on a wall or installing shelves, building furniture or any other DIY home improvement project , a cordless drill is a must have article. Often in absence of a proper drilling machine, making a hole in the wall for hanging the nail or hook gets to be quite difficult. This lets one waste a lot of time in drilling and hanging pictures or calendars. A cordless drill makes all this a seamless and time saving affair so mush so to the extent that you will wonder as why didn’t you have such an amazing and useful product?

However to make the most on the purchase of cordless drill you must be well aware of the features and price of the same as offered through various online or retail hardware stores. It would be the best to go through a proper buying guide that will let you make well informed decision and pick the best-in-class product from among different types of drilling machines.

The Purpose of Buying Guide for Cordless Drills

Buying guide for cordless drills will help one get well aware of all the features and thus will enable you select the right product on a cost convenient price in a hassle-free way.

Cordless Drills: What to Look For

Here is a run down of all the factors that must be considered before the purchase of cordless drills.


You must first check the functionality of the cordless drill which will measure its efficiency. Most cordless drills are at least 18V and are powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. When fully charged, the drill should be able to last through any big project. But the real power comes from the drill’s torque. If you want to buy a heavy-duty cordless drill that will help you complete all drilling process in a large scale project then you need to purchase the drill that offers 400 in/lbs torque. The larger the force in inches per pound, the better the drill.


In wired drilling machines you had to have a key to open the drill’s chuck to allow different drill bits in. Now the best cordless drills have a keyless chuck. You can simply twist the chuck open and closed with your hand to fit different sizes of bits. The best cordless drills come with at least one, double-sided, bit. You must buy a drill in a kit if you need multiple sizes of drill bits.

Ease of Use

The cordless drill must be easy to use. When drilling into heavy-duty tile or the like, you’ll want an auxiliary handle to attach to either side of the drill. The handles will give you additional control over the cordless drill and add a little bit of power behind it. You must prefer to buy cordless drill of that brand which provides online video tutorials, showing you the best ways to handle the cordless drill.

Tips for Choosing The Best Cordless Drills

When it comes to selecting the best quality cordless Drill then the following tips can come handy:

  • Check different online stores and compare the features as well as the price of the desired brand of cordless drill.
  • Select the Drilling machine that is easy to use and comes with the best-in-class functionality.
  • You can also check the reviews as written by experts which will guide you to select the most suitable cordless Drilling machine.
  • You must also check the warranty cover and finally purchase the one that gives you the best value of money.

So make it a point to get a comprehensive guidance from the Cordless Drill buying guide taking into account these aforementioned factors. This will enable you save your precious time and money and   make drilling or boring holes in the walls, tiles, wooden floor or benches a hassle-free affair.

Home improvement is a necessity. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a sprawling home, a cordless drill makes every home DIY project easier. Just think how impressed your significant other will be if you finally install that ceiling fan sitting in the box on your bedroom floor! So go out there and find the perfect drill. No need to thank us. You’re welcome.

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