What to Look for When Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If asked, what it takes for a cleaning robot to be a good one; our honest answer will be that we have no frigging idea. I mean, while some of you could be looking for a regular cleaning machine, others might want certain precise functions such as mopping, or pet hair removal or a robot that takes care of allergens. So, to help you determine the best suited machine for your needs, we lay forth you a roughly sketched buying guide hoping it will make you decision making a more convenient one. Here it goes-


Cleaning robots, now-a-days, feature some of the most advanced functions one can have access to. There are thousands of models in the market providing a host of incomparable features that seem to meet the diverse requirements of different people. However, there are some common attributes such as the auto cleaning feature, the return to charging station feature, the cliff sensor, the virtual boundary sensor with a few more on the list. There are others like the iRobot Roomba 880 and the Neato VX-21 Pet and Allergy which provide some essential additional features. Clearly, in this case, the one that provides the maximum possible functions is the winner.


Durability of your robot is another feature to consider. While most robots seem do go dead within a year’s use (some die even sooner), there are others like the ones from iRobot and Neato that lasts for quite some time. Almost all robots mentioned here have a plastic built, so we won’t lay any stretch on the framework, because the components that build up the robot, the inside components, decide the longevity of the machine. While some robots have a good battery life (the XLife Extended Life Battery featured by the iRobot Roomba 880), others fail to last even for a few couple of months. This is a very essential pointer you need to consider before making your choice.


Performance is yet another major point to consider while making your decision. While some very expensive products fail to deliver the desired results, some regular ones can sweep you off your feet by providing the best components with good features at a fairly competitive price. Look for the ones that have the maximum performance rating. The Neato models are a good choice in terms f performance and we highly recommend these products.

Value for Money

There are as many as 10 vacuum cleaning machines from different brands which provide you with some of the best possible features. However, not all the robots offer you the same functions and hence, their prices vary greatly. The iRobot models offer you the most sophisticated attributes to be found in a vacuum robot, and as a matter of fact, the price is relatively higher as compared to the iClebo or Infinuvo models. But the ones from Neato provide more-o-less the same set of features the Roomba or the Braava offers, but within a comparatively lower price range. Value for money products are those products which maintain quality but at a reasonable price tag. Hence, we suggest the Neato models as the best options to go for you are not willing to shell out some big bucks on the iRobots.

Tips for Choosing The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Determine what you need a vacuum cleaning robot for
  • Decide on the features you would like to have
  • It’s a good thing to decide your budget first as there is a significant variation in the prices
  • Narrow down your search to the models you would prefer going with
  • Go through customer reviews on the chosen products
  • Don’t make a haste- compare models, decide on features imperative to you and based on it, make your selection
  • You can also visit the local cleaning store and request demos of the products so that you get a better insight of the products before buying
  • Go for names- brands are trustworthy
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