What to Look for When Buying a Sewing Machine

So, what makes a great sewing machine is the question. Well, the answer to this is a tad more difficult than trying to get into the local basketball team for the next season. I mean, not all of us could be looking for the same functions and features, and so, what’s best for one could be totally useless to the other. However, while reviewing some of the best known products at Amazon, we have zeroed in on the impression that there are some basic attributes which we can’t miss in a sewing machine, regardless. And hence we make an arduous attempt in putting forth some of the most essential features to look for while making your choice. Here we go.


There are many of us who still have (or have at least seen) that age old cumbersome piece of ancestral sewing machine at home where everything, from threading to winding the bobbin needs to be done manually. And what features do they provide other that saving you from the horror of stitching your clothes with just a needle and thread? Null! My mother too used to have one of those, and that’s how I know. Anyway, now what if your machine threads the needle all by itself or lets you see the precision of your stitch on the display in-built within its body? Sounds great? Well, Brother and Singer have come up with some fresh new models at an amazingly exclusive price range, taking your sewing experience to a whole new level of innovation. The XR9500PRW and the HC1850 models from Brother and the 9960 Quantum from Singer are some of the models you should consider if a display that shows exactly what you are stitching matters to you. Akinly, models such as the Brother CE7070PRW and the Singer 7258 and a few more give you the privilege of enjoying the automatic needle feature, which is undoubtedly a great relief for those with a poor eye sight.


You won’t want your machine to break down or malfunction because of a drop or crack right after a couple of months’ use. This is why the durability of you sewing machine is yet another feature to consider. Though almost all the models listed here are made of plastic, however, the Singer 9960 Quantum has been recognized as the sturdiest among the rest due to the solid metal this model comes with. Singer has always been eulogized as a more resilient brand as compared to Brother, and we don’t have even the slightest doubt about it.


Design implies the way the product has been crafted. Also, we can consider who the product has been designed for. While choosing your sewing machine, it is vital for you to choose the type of machine you would want. Not all machines look the same. While some are designed to have flat bases, others come with detachable workstations. And also, you need to watch who the product has been designed for. A machine that has been crafted for the novice may seem to be a good-for-nothing piece for the pro. This is a point worth considering.

Value for Money

While you can find different models from different brands with the same features more-o-less, you shall always notice a significant price difference. There are quite many brands which will provide you all the features you want for below $100, while the bigger names will provide the same for as much as $300. No doubt you will be tempted to go for the cheaper option, but, a word of warning here- those cheaper prices may not necessarily deliver the precise quality that a Singer or Brother will provide. This is why brands matter. If a product doesn’t give you value for money, it is no worth buying at all.

Tips for Choosing The Best Sewing Machine

  • Make sure exactly what you are looking for- chalk out the features essential to you before you go ahead
  • Know what you are going to sew and how much of your time you are going to invest on sewing
  • Brands matter- Singer and Brother are the most prominent names in sewing machines. Going for brands ensure quality
  • Don’t make a haste- compare models, decide on features imperative to you and based on it, make your selection
  • Look for reviews- the internet may mislead people, so it’s best to go through customer reviews about the product before making your selection
  • Get some pre-knowledge- Having knowledge about sewing is a good thing before buying a sewing machine. This way you won’t be at sea, not knowing what to do with it.
  • Go for options that give you the best- having a machine with fewer strong features is better than going for something that provides lots of functions but petite quality
  • Visiting (before buying) the local sewing machine store will giving you a demonstration of the functions and features
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