What to Look for When Buying an Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

There could be umpteen possibilities for over the range microwave ovens to be the best one for you. While some might be looking for as many features as they can get hold of, others would tend to focus more on the durability or the design of the product. Hence, there is no such thing as the best universal microwave as everyone’s requirements differ. To help you with selecting the best microwave oven for you, depending on your needs, we make an arduous attempt to put forth some of the most essential aspects to look for while making your choice. Here we go…


A feature rich microwave oven is the best buy. The microwave ovens from the previous years came with limited functions and took considerable effort from your side to cook a full meal. However, the contemporary machines have replaced those old and impractical models with a horde of features that makes cooking easier than ever. With one touch functions, counts of cooking power levels, powerful vent systems, large cabinet capacity and more on the list, these new models of over the range microwaves give you more than what can be expected. While making your choice, focus on the features that seem to be the most useful to you. For those who want bigger cabinet capacity, the Frigidaire FFCE2238LW model could prove to be the best option to go for. Similarly, if you are looking for maximum cooking power levels, then the Sharp R- 1406 model is worth the try.


Durability is another major aspect to consider while choosing your microwave oven. While most models feature a plastic frame, there are others like the WMH31017AW from Whirlpool that comes with a sturdy metal frame for more longevity as compared to the others. Microwaves come expensive and hence you won’t want you machine to break down after a few months of use. Going through customer reviews will help determining the durability of the oven. There are instances that report internal wiring failures and such other issues. We can simple avoid those microwaves if durability of your over the range microwave is your foremost concern.


Who won’t want a good looking over the range microwave oven that compliments the look of your kitchen? There are models such as the AMV1150VAW from Amana that feature a classier look than the others on the list. And again, when talking about design, another point to consider is whether or not the model fits into your kitchen cabinet. The Sharp R- 1406 model has an issue with its construction (the rear is slightly longer than the front) and hence, can be avoided if design is something imperative to you. There also are extra large models such as the MWV150KB from Frigidaire which can be counted as a design factor, as well.

Value for Money

Well, this is by far the most essential factor to keep into account while choosing the best over the range microwave oven for you. You won’t want to give away some big bucks for a microwave that provides you limited features but costs heftily. Nor would you want to spend money on a cheap microwave which, though provides you countless features but is of the inferior quality. A Value for Money microwave can be defined as the precise product that provides you with a good set of superlative features and costs reasonably. You can consider the R- 1800LS model from Sharp which we have evaluated as a sure-shot value for money product.

Tips for Choosing The Best Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens

  • Make sure exactly what you are looking for- chalk out the features essential to you before you go ahead
  • Know what you are going to cook and how much of your time you are going to invest on cooking
  • Brands matter- Whirlpool and Frigidaire are the most prominent names in home appliances. Going for brands ensure quality
  • Don’t make a haste- compare models, decide on features imperative to you and based on it, make your selection
  • Look for reviews- the internet may mislead people, so it’s best to go through customer reviews about the product before making your selection
  • Get some pre-knowledge- Having knowledge about cooking is a good thing before buying a microwave. This way you won’t be at sea, not knowing what to do with it.
  • Go for options that give you the best- having an oven with fewer strong features is better than going for something that provides lots of functions but petite quality
  • Visiting (before buying) the local home appliances store will giving you a demonstration of the functions and features
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